Do you draw traditionally or digitally?

I like both for different things. For the past couple of years I have been experimenting with painting and creating texture with a brush, but I use Photoshop (with a Wacom Intuos4) quite often as well. MangaStudio is also a program I have been liking for laying out comics and digital inking.

What ink do you use? What brushes do you use?

I use Yasutomo sumo ink with Rosemary & Co. #33 brushes. I use the same ink for ink washes and sometimes I switch, but sumo ink is my favorite.

What kind of paper do you use?

I like any paper that is heavy (100 lb. and up.) However, I will use whatever is around me. Paper doesn’t matter that much—for me it’s a matter of how difficult or easy I want to make my life if I want to scan something.

What scanner do you use? How do you get your scans to be so clean?

I’m using a small Canon LiDe that is about 9x12. I adjust levels in Photoshop and clean up wherever it’s necessary.

Do you have any advice for artists?

Draw often and as much as possible. Working from life is a good way to get better faster, but most if not all technical skill comes from mileage.

A list of products that I’ve used and liked

Ink: Yasutomo sumi ink, Pelikan Tusche A Drawing Ink
Brushes: Rosemary & Co. #33 Pure Kolinsky Pointed
Color pencils: Prismacolor Colerase, Mitsubishi color pencil
Pens: Pilot Parallel Pen, Faber Castell PITT apen, Pilot Hi-Tec-C
Watercolor paper: Arches watercolor block (hot press)
Sketchbooks: Canson XL Mix-Media

If you have any questions that haven’t been addressed, feel free to ask on my ask.fm. Thanks!